AGROSUS will identify appropriate tools and Agroecological Strategies (AS) to prevent and manage the occurrence of weeds in relevant crops, in conventional, organic and mixed farming, at the 11 biogeographic regions  (Continental–Mediterranean–Atlantic–Macaronesian–Pannonian–Anatolian–Black-Sea–Boreal–Alpine–Steppic–Artic), while reducing the reliance of synthetic herbicides to the environment and increasing the biodiversity of agroecosystems. The consortium integrates a multi-actor approach for farmers’ decision-making and for including the different perspectives of stakeholders to decision-makers that regulate and administer policies. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​These strategies will be implemented in the most economically relevant crops in the 11 biogeographic regions and in conventional, organic and mixed farming systems. As well, the environmental impact, economic and social costs and benefits of combined AS for weed control will be assessed in the 68 short-term fields and in 15 medium to long-term already in course agroecological fields, both in comparison with classical chemical weed management.

The KOM will be celebrated next 28-30th June in Milan. Soon you will have access to more information.