The AGROSUS project hosted an event focused on the use of agroecology in controlling weeds in wheat and potato crops on May 16, 2024. Held at the Agricultural Development Center of Xinzo de Limia, the event gathered key stakeholders, including farmers, researchers, and community members, to discuss and co-develop sustainable weed management strategies.

During the recent AGROSUS event, David Fernández-Calviño from the University of Vigo introduced the project’s goals, emphasizing its potential benefits for sustainable agriculture. Following his introduction, Adela Moreirars, also from the University of Vigo, presented innovative agroecological strategies for weed control in wheat and potato fields. This presentation set the stage for a subsequent open debate facilitated by David, where participants actively collaborated to decide on the implementation of these strategies in experimental plots. This interactive session leveraged the collective knowledge and experience of the participants, leading to a fruitful exchange of ideas.