Last 9th October marked a significant milestone at Polissia National University in Ukraine as it was launched a pioneering pilot project aimed at training female farmers. This initiative aligns closely with the core mission of AGROSUS.

On this pivotal day, we embarked on a journey to empower female farmers with advanced crop production practices. AGROSUS, in collaboration with the Department of Agro-Industrial Development and Economic Policy of the Zhytomyr Regional Military Administration, initiated this project as part of our commitment to aid the restoration of Ukraine’s agricultural sector.

A Collaborative Effort This ambitious undertaking has brought together 25 female farmers and university professors. The inaugural day was dedicated to introducing participants to the potential of European partnerships in ecological agriculture and the application of cutting-edge European practices to combat weed infestation in traditional, organic, and mixed farming.

AGROSUS Takes Center Stage Central to our mission, the AGROSUS project was prominently featured, providing a detailed understanding of its components and tools. As a project spanning eleven biogeographical regions within the European Union and associated countries, AGROSUS invites all stakeholders to join hands in furthering agro-ecological strategies for weed management in key regional agricultural crops and their validation.

In this remarkable journey, AGROSUS stands as a beacon of progress, driving sustainable agriculture, empowering women in farming, and nurturing collaborative efforts for a brighter agricultural future in Ukraine.

Here, you can take a look to some photos taken in the event