The Nossen facilities of AGROSUS partners ASS (Agrarunternehmen Starbach-Sachsen EG) witnessed the co-creation workshop for the german continental bioregion. The workshop took place on February 27th and counted with the participation of 14 stakeholders: plant cultivators and consultants.

The session started with a presentation of the AGROSUS project by the organisers, led by Holger Reinhardt-Weik. The introduction included the project methodology, bioregions and countries involved, mention of all crops to be tested and objectives and ambition of the project. It was followed by a discussion and assessment on the directions for the crop cultivations by: most problematic weeds & grasses; crop protection in barley, rapeseed and corn; and agroecological measures for weed control; with final evaluation of the results of the questionnaires for farmers and stakeholders.

The co-creation workshop was a fruitful session for the continuation of the work in Germany. Take a look at the pictures of the event.